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Alf fråga om Cask - svenska cask-pubar - The Old Brewer

Under pandemin så har minst en svensk cask-pub (Bishops Hornsgatan) lagts ner, men som tur är har vi i Stockholm fått en ersättare - och på min sida om Slussen dessutom!

The Old Brewer Public House & Dining room öppnade under hösten på adressen Luntmakargatan 98, alldeles intill Odengatan, några stenkast upp från Sveavägen.


Det är ett gäng glada britter, med internationell kulinarisk rutin från London, Paris och Stockholm.

Bild lånad från TOB Facebook-sida

Jag har sedan de öppnade besökt krogen flera gånger, primärt för att dricka Cask Ales (se tidigare inlägg om Cask-statistik) - men det finns andra skäl också, inte bara det rent geografiska, bra kollektivtrafik både från jobbet och till/från hemmet. Maten är visserligen nästan helt inriktad på det brittiska köket (bangers & deep fried fish), men det jag har testat (inklusive english breakfast/brunch) har varit mycket välsmakande.

English Breakfast-brunch på TOB.

Ett litet tips till för dig som tänker käka på TOB - testa efterrätten Sticky Toffee Pudding, gärna med en mörk Cask Ale som efterrättsdryck.

Jag valde att maila in mina frågor till Tim, Sam & Martin. Min frågor och deras svar redovisas nedan på engelska. 

Alf Tycker Om Öl (ATOÖ); Lets start with a background check – who are you and what have you done prior to The Old Brewer?

  • Tim, The Old Brewer (T, TOB); I have been in the industry since I was 18 years old when I pulled my first pint of Timmy Taylors Landlord. That´s where my love of Cask Ale started and has continued ever since. I also worked in Paris for 12 years where I sold plenty of English beer. After that I worked for 6 years in London in Craft Beer Gastropubs where serious amounts of Cask Ales were served in tip top condition.

Landlord på TOB

ATOÖ; Opening a new – rather niched – venue during world wide pandemic, quite a challenge I would imagine. Long time planning or a sudden idea?

  • T, TOB;  The idea of The Old Brewer started when myself and 2 colleagues lost our jobs in a hotel in Solna (Radisson blu Royal Park) due to covid killing the business instantly. I have always liked the food & drink scene in Stockholm but felt it was missing a proper Gastropub where you get the great beer as well as top wines and very good food.

ATOÖ; Starting up with a food-question – What kind of food do you serve? I know that you use MSC-certified fish – any other organic food staples used regular in your kitchen?

  • T, TOB; We serve as much organic as well as local produce as possible. This provides the perfect platform for our Modern European Menu that also features some British Classics of course. I believe we serve by far the best Fish & Chips in Stockholm and I love the fact that we have a Beef Wellington using Swedish Oxfilé on the same menu.

ATOÖ; For how long have you served Real Cask Ale at The Old Brewer)

  • T, TOB; We´ve served it since day 1 of opening which was on 17th October.

 ATOÖ; How come you decided to serve Real Cask Ale at TOB?

  • T, TOB; We simply could not have been a Modern British Gastropub without Cask Ale so for me it was an easy decision to make.

ATOÖ; How many Cask-handles do you have in the bar? Any thoughts about expanding the number?

  • T, TOB; We have 2 for now and will maybe add a 3rd if the demand is there post covid.

ATOÖ; Cask Marque-certification, something you are considering?

  • T, TOB; YES!

 ATOÖ; Any cask ales that is selling more, any guest-favourites – beers/brewery’s?

  • T, TOB; Timmy Taylor´s is the most known but people are generally just so happy to have cask on that they enjoy all the breweries.

 ATOÖ; What cask ales are you serving today and what is coming? Jorvik Estate is your main (only?) supplier of cask ale (and some bottles). So no Swedish cask ales?

  • T, TOB; Today we have The Old Perculier and the Rudgate Viking on. No Swedish casks so far but watch this space as it will happen.

ATOÖ; Response from guests – regarding overall impression and Cask-selection specifically? People trying cask for the first time or people that already loves cask?

  • T, TOB; People go crazy for it! Swedes who have enjoyed times in England travel for Cask Ale,

ATOÖ; You do serve regular tap-beers (and bottles) as well, both British and Swedish. How many beer taps? Specific importer/supplier?

  • T, TOB; 12 taps in total. We work with Galatea who specialise in Swedish as well as international beers. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with and we will continue with them as long as they keep getting the great beers in.

 ATOÖ; Who are your customers? Expatriate brits and or hungry/thirsty swedes?

  • T, TOB; A proper mix to be honest. But one thing for sure is that our customers are a cultured bunch who appreciate the international environment.

Negroni á la TOB

ATOÖ; I tried my first drink at TOB in december, a Negroni (my first ever), what would you consider your signature cocktail is at TOB?

  • T, TOB; For me it would be The Old Fashioned but they should all be good.


Thanks to tom Tim for your replies, the good food and all the great beers you and your staff serve at The Old Brewer Stockholm.


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